[1st week] Project description

Concept Statement

We are creating an educational and interactive virtual reality game using Google Cardboard to teach middle school students about the beauty and omnipresence of Pi, thus making learning mathematics an enjoyable experience.




The game will show virtual pathways to the user in the shape of a circle, its diameter and the numbers of pi i.e. – 3.14… These pathways will be bordered using different elements which are in some way connected to pi, for example poles, trees, planets etc. The user will have to traverse through these paths making sure that he never touches the boundary. The complexity of this aspect of the game becomes higher as the user goes further into the game. If the user touches or goes beyond the boundary, the game will be terminated showing the value of Pi he has calculated so far.


The game will work on Google cardboard and will mainly use the concept of ‘Gaze’ which will be used by the user to stay within the boundaries.

Group members

Aditi Surana, Feiou Su, Han(Seung Whan)